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Why God does not Listen?

On many occasions, we ignore God as if He was too far away and could not listen to our unimportant problems. And thus, we start building a large separation as a wall that we cannot come through, while our faith weakens and our hope dies. And to make things worse, we start seeing the world as the total reality and our values fall to the ground and become nothing.
Then, we think that we can do everything by ourselves, assuming that this is freedom, until the time comes that we fall into our own trap. And difficulties follow that can’t be solved by the world and all becomes a nightmare. It is there, when we try to come through the wall built by us, while saying:
” Why God does not listen?” “Why God does not help me?” And to make things worse, we recriminate and offend Him because he is not solving our problems. But, did God create our problems?
And we continue until the end of that road and then we have a small opportunity, of kneeling and clamoring for God’s presence.
Forgive me my Lord, for all my lacks, for my wrong kind of life, for my confusion and selfishness. I searched other paths. I took my eyes off you. But I now understand that I need you, even more than the newborn child needs his mother, I cannot take a step if you don’t guide me.
Look at me, lost, filled with difficulties and enemies, living in the valley of the shadows; nobody wants to rescue or assist me. But I need You. Be my light, my shield, my sword, defend me even from myself.
I repent of all my wrongdoings and also of moving away from my true home because you are that house, that fortress, that castle, that empire, that wisdom and that home.
And today, lost and humble,I ask you to give me just a moment, since just a moment is needed to change my heart. Then, I will have the strength to overcome the unbearable because You will be with me, and then, who can be against me?
Lord, be my refuge, my breath, my heart, my will. I don’t want to go on without You. I need You and surrender to You. I put everything into Your Hands. I’m a small, insignificant fish and you are the infinite sea. Take me where you want to, guide me, be my only truth and destiny. I have lived the wrong way, living a fantasy that I confused as the real life. And now everyting -as water between my hands, slipped away. And i felt the deepest and most terrible fear in the loneliness of my soul, which is the fear that You are not longer by my side.
Today, I look for you, bowing my head, repenting and asking You to accept me and to let me live at your feet since I now know that it is more valuable to live like this that having the world, since nothing is true in the world.
Lord,do not take your eyes off me, your compassion heals my heart, please, pick up my unworthy soul, which wants to promise that only in You, will find the meaning of truth.
Lord, allow me not me, but You to live in me. Raise me from hell, bring me out of darkness, clean me with your presence and allow me to love You with all the strength of my heart.
Be my comforter, light in the path, living water that satiates my thirst and removes my suffering.
Lord, the world condemns, traps, incriminates me but I no longer want to deceive, to lie, to ignore, to confuse. Listen to the clamor of this humble soul that joins his hands and asks for your forgiveness.
Lord, become the beating of this heart which is already Yours.

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To have Faith, is to have a personal relationship with God. The topic is very ample; we can talk from the historical point of view, but what is most relevant here, without subtracting importance to the past, is its meaning in all its dimension, which is and will always be, the vision of God, for us, as individuals, family and society. The topic on Faith must not be simplistic. If I believe that God exists, that is good, but if I don’t do anything, then, is very bad.  Since knowing that Truth exists, is supposed to take me to search, know, interpret and learn about it, otherwise my knowledge would be too loose. I can pronounce and repeat the name of God, many times, but if I don’t feel Him in my heart, then, I am not true but I will be ignoring the principles of Faith, in a deliberate way. Which means, not only to love and to believe in theory, but practicing, to accomplish the effective conversion of faith. How to have more faith? The person who has faith, appreciates, respects, honors and manifests it; it is a gift, given by spiritual virtue and the one who has it, knows in a positive, absolute way, that God loves and knows him and that God is just and true. And with this knowledge, he treasures faith and practices in a very active way – by thought and action- the laws and commandments of God, based on the purity of Love. The key to growth is found here. Since man can only grow, by making progress in his beliefs, because faith is the active Love of God, the presence of His Word and it is a daily inspiration. By acceptance and knowledge, faith will grow in the Love expressed with solidarity to the human family as universal service. 


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