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How to love an impossible love? How to love the one who rejects, offends, ignores, despises us? The one who is like fire that you will not be able to approach because she will burn you for sure.

How to love a love who is like a lioness ready to attack? How to love a love who is like a dagger, decided to be buried in your heart? How to love a love who is like deadly snakes, like a path filled with scorpions?

Well, that love will be loved like the bottom of the sea, like the distant star in the darkness of infinity, knowing that it exists but that it can never be felt or touched. You must love, in spite of everything, but not with an idealistic love that would turn into melancholy, but with a realistic, conscious love; and the only way of loving will always be, ever and forever, to love each day more.



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Hope in my Heart

Love abandoned me yesterday, saying: ” I don’t want you by my side any longer.” And I felt as if claws of sadness were opening my chest, as if my heart was getting smaller while I was suffering, full of anguish and desperation. Then, I reached the decision of approaching Love again and told him: ” Please, do not abandon me.” But love turned me down again but this time he said it louder and without preamble: ” Leave from my side, this same minute.”
I went back to see the heart but he was not bleeding any longer, he seemed healed. And I could not understand how he changed so much from suffering to not suffering, from crying to not crying. I was very surprised and told him:
“Tell me heart, what’s happening, love turned you down, I first saw you suffering and thought that you would die and the second time, was even worse but nevertheless I see you almost smiling now. Tell me heart, have you gone crazy or am I crazy? Answer me because I can’t understand you.”
And the heart said: ” You first saw me suffering with deep wounds and the second time I did not have any wounds. I will explain the mystery: although love turned me down and this time it would seem that he has abandoned me, I know that love will come back. I know that love will return, maybe it will be that love, or maybe that love will not return again. but love is greater than love itself and tomorrow another love will come, who will love me even more and who will truly love me.”
And I asked: ” Who told you so, who convinced you?”
And the heart answered: ” There is a very wise lady who gives you advice, strength and she exalts you, she told me so.”
And I asked again: ” What’s her name?” And the heart said: ” Her name is “Hope
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Many Kinds of Love

There are so many different types of love; some are bitter, others are sweet, bittersweet, mean, generous, possessive, controlling, capricious, calculating.Many loves, but in truth, there are not that many, since there are many forgers. Then, how to find true Love if all those seemed to be true and even wanted to be sincere.We must learn to differentiate and is necessary to understand that there is only one true love: the one that is sincere, firm in sadness and happiness, the one that asks you to be the light of the day and when the night comes, he wants you to be the brightest star illuminating the path even in the worse darkness.
Love is trusting, he offers company, he breaths your breath, and in him you don’t find differences but closeness.
Love is tender, vast, generous, he is spontaneous and affectionate. Love is understanding and is committed.
Love is present, constant and renovating. Love always loves you. There are many loves that are not loves, but now you will understand and will appreciate Love.
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