Mystic Healing Art is a refuge for people struggling with permanent lesions, with untreatable pains.
We provide energy treatments, these are not medical treatments. These are spiritual treatments. These are not religious treatments.
In order to participate, you must register, the registration, and treatments are completely free for you.
At the present time, these spiritual treatments are offered in Miami, Florida, but very soon they will be offered in the cities of New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, Dallas.
An expert in the treatment of difficult diseases, Mr. Oscar Basurto Carbonell will heal you with energy treatments and a deep spirit of compassion.
Spiritual Healing is an act of Love.
If you have been to different places and you did not have any good results, maybe, we can help you. The only thing that we will require from you, after you are healed, is your testimony.

Donations are accepted but the Healing Services are completely free. Please contact us, explaining your case and we will answer setting an appointment for you.

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Energy. Energy

You are an inexhaustible source of energy that everybody wants to have, some would like to never get old, while others to never know any disease, others would like to use the energy to develop as many activities, known or to be discovered.

Some would like to travel many times around the world, to go down the plains, to escalate mountains filled with energy and not to feel tired not even for a moment

Others want to have energy to feel strong, powerful, to be able to bend metals only with their fingers, or to lift infinite weights, or to swim thorough the sea, or to shout or sing, without their voice breaking, or to never say that they feel tired.

Some persons would like to have energy to have a clear mind, clear thoughts, so clear as to have natural understanding and with only one reflection, to solve every question, every mystery and enigma.

This is a fragment of a teaching from the Meditation and Energy Course.

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To forgive is larger than to forget. Since, it is forgiven not because the wound is not open anymore but because I can see beyond my pain to the point of believing that the one who hurt, who damaged me, may be able to change and become a better person. And not to suffer the same wound and not to go through the same desolation again since forgiveness is the most genuine manifestation of the divine presence in the human heart.
Forgiveness does not mean that we are going to pretend that things did not happen, but to be conscious of having being hurt and mistreated but definitely not believing in the mistreatment.
The genuine forgiveness is always born of God’s love which strengthens man, and turns him into love itself, not because man is masochistic, neither for the size of the physical, moral, psychological, superficial or permanent wound but because forgiveness is the will of God, who calls to conciliation and to peace to that one who has committed the damage, that one who is the actor and conductor of evil.
This is the explanation of forgiveness: You hurt me but I call you to Love, so that you can be different, so that you can realize that there is no reason for violence.
And you, who hurt me, you are free from the primordial evil since forgiveness is the vocation to an even larger forgiveness, which is that God becomes present in the heart of each one and of all.
That is the reason that to forgive is truly superior, it is to be reborn, to transform and to raise above any conflict.
Victim and executioner, then, stop being bully and abused and all darkness will pass because to forgive always is a reason to trust in Love.
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Life is a succession of events, from which we achieve spiritual maturity. To doubt is only a method of the consciousness that helps us to understand things better, that is to say: The inner and outer reality.

If we have inner doubts, spirituality promises to free us from all those doubts through the real understanding of the meaning of the intrinsic way of life. Which is to live in order to realize Love. And then, doubts and unhappiness are transformed into the virtue of faith and the personal relationship with Love, which means, with God.

This is fundamental and crucial but is not a magic act that assures a life with no problems or difficulties. That is unreal and we have to understand that the human being is always very close to pain and suffering. And this is because of the nature of the mind.

Nevertheless, all those processes will be overcome, when the meaning of life is found, as far as values and morals are referred. This means that we will confront doubts, fears, etc, with enough courage and dedication to process every experience and to give our best.

To conclude: Human life will always be fragile. But when human life and the presence of Love, become one, then, all the common miseries of existence can be overcome. But not by the use of arrogance and power but by the humility of a heart that receives the grace and purity of the true and real God.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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In moments of crisis and transformation, we have to hold to the spiritual power.
Faith is to accept and to believe in the good, not simply that it will come from above, but rather that it is in our heart, in our will and in our hands.
Faith has to be active, because God is present in this moment, and the way that He is present is not in paradise or in a distant cloud, but in our determination of peace and love, abundance and happiness.
There is something important to remember today and always: Good comes from respect, justice and compassion toward all beings of the universe.
Every new day should be of victory, of achievement, of overcoming, transformation, reconciliation and forgiveness, and what is more important: God truly works in our heart, because there is one single way, because there is only one God, who is the God of love and peace. Beyond, there is only confusion and ignorance.
May we have the opportunity of being able to experience tenderness, mercy, friendship.
May we be able to give and receive sincere and unselfish affection, because all this will become a splendid and wonderful smile; and spiritual friendship will take place around us, which, will laugh, live and sing, when good is manifested.
May you treasure, may you know Love, during your journey on the earth.

-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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God loves the Family

Every relationship will go through stages -very serious at times; it is important to understand this, since at some point, we will live difficult situations. The only thing that will allow us to overcome them, will be to have faith, to pray, to be patient and to give as much Love as we can.

An extreme situation is when all seems to be lost, confused and finished, nevertheless, this is only the beginning, although it may be the end for many, because they have not been able to endure and to give not only their best but also their true sacrifice. Few are the persons who truly love, they may say so, but they lose the capacity of waiting, tolerating, forgiving. And the key word here is: Conciliation.

Many times, we may have felt violence, frustration and incompatibility. Let’s imagine that we have planted
fruit trees, we have given them, our best care and effort and we have the illusion of harvesting the fruits but we find that nothing happens, and we find that even the plants have withered and our efforts seem lost.
Some persons, will abandon everything and will not be able to continue, but those who truly love, will find how to take better care of their fields and then, some day, they will see them filled with fruits and their hearts will be filled with happiness. They will realize that miracles do exist when we are able of waiting, of having confidence, of trusting, even of undergoing and suffering bitterness without allowing them to poison us.

How sad is the image of a divided family! There is nothing as painful as that, no matter how many explanations or justifications may be, whether we think that we are right or not, when a family is not able to give all that is needed, it is comparable to a ship that will never arrive to its destination. Because their lives have been uprooted because they don’t realize that their most important priority is to know that God moves and manifests in the family.

What will happen to all the members of a divided family? They will be like a mutilated body. What is the reason of ignoring this truth?

We may try to do other things, we may think that we will be happier or that there is no possible solution.
It will be like becoming blind, deaf and mute, like losing arms, feet, heart and reason.
What is the reason that when we unite, embrace, truly love, the wind may take everything? But what the wind, not even death, can take away, is the union and the family love. Who can deny this truth? Who is capable of not seen this reality? Then, if you are capable of appreciating something so simple, so near, as your own life, open up more and you will be able to understand what is truly great and wonderful. But all this will only happen if in the center of your heart, of your life, and of the life of your family, Jesus is. And you must learn from Him, how to love, sacrifice, honor, surrender and to give your best.

Then, although everything seems opposed, have faith, because God loves you and above all, He loves the family. Love Him, too.

-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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Time is moving on, are you prepared? Are we prepared?
Many changes are coming very fast, in reality, no time will be left soon.
The whole humanity will be changed, you’ll never be the same. The world will never be the same.
Your heart, your mind, your self will be transformed.
I ask again, are you prepared? The change is already in process, a big success is in process.
The earth has to change, even heaven has to change.
When this time comes, the whole life will be shown in a unique way. And there is a reason, and there is a truth, which is superior to every reason, to every truth, to every happening.
Do you want to know the secret of the mystery of the big change?
Actually, you’ll be in love,humanity will be in love.
Because Jesus is the glory. Christmas will be present.
Merry Christmas! Be in love with life, with the universe, with God.

-Author and Artist: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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