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If a broken heart with symptoms of spiritual illness, would come to us, we would notice right away because of the symptoms: He has lost hope, does not have dreams, he is bitter, weak, desolated. He has forgotten or does not know the experience of faith, ignores the term Love, and moves away from affection, because, he never received tenderness.

He is full of confusion, jealousy, resentment, bitterness, apathy, and tired of life. This heart has lost order and discipline, is lacking method, energy, enthusiasm, and a feeling of solidarity. He has moved too far away from natural love, he has self rejection, he rejects everyone, and he doesn’t have peace, but looks like a ghost of horror and loneliness.

But the spiritual medicine, is going to cure this heart for sure. It will not be easy, and this will be done through stages, going from deep affliction, until he experiences a superior comfort which will start the healing by helping him to recuperate and start beating with the enthusiasm to be, to live, by and for Love.

This delicate care is tenderness, caress, embrace, kiss, respect, appreciation, admiration. And also recognition, filial love, personal dedication, and most important, God is in the center of this existence, and this moribund heart, will start palpitating and it will sound like bells ringing, since the only thing needed in order to know Love, is to Love.


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