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Author, Oscar Basurto Carbonell, will present One Hundred Writings on this topic, for the purpose of offering a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.

Writing 4

One day, while walking with no direction in mind, then, suddenly stopped for no reason, looked down, like looking for something and found a dry leaf.

Poor leaf, I thought, she probably had better days.

To my great surprise, a voice sprang forth from the leaf, I could not hear it with my ears but I could hear that voice in my heart and my mind.

That voice filled every space of my being and said:

-I appreciate your looking at me but I am not a dry leaf, but much more, I truly am all the leaves, all that had been, all that will be. Do not be deceived by my actual presence, since my life and my being are beyond time, youth and old age.

Her silent words filled me with the understanding that I had seen -in a dry leaf, the whole life, with no beginning and no end, I had known the secret of what’s immortal.

Then, I heard that voice again, that could fill everything.

-It is true that life is eternal but only when loved, respected, in everything that you can see, feel.
You only have to see and to listen with something more than your eyes and your ears, something more than your mind.
You must listen with your heart.

Then, I felt like she was flowing and that dry leaf, that I thought was dying, in true, was filled with life and Happiness, because she had transcended everything and she was flowing in Eternity.


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 Author, Oscar Basurto Carbonell, will present One Hundred Writings on this topic, for the purpose of offering a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.
Writing 3
If she asks for your breath, you must give it without conditions or limits.
If she asks you for your path, you must not deny, you must follow where she guides you, it doesn’t matter  where, either climbing the mountains or coming down to the valleys.
Surrender your steps.
If she asks you for your way of looking, give it to her,allow her to be the owner of your eyes, of what you’ll see or not see.
If she asks you for your heart, let her be the only owner of your heartbeats, so you can hear her name and her presence on every heartbeat.
If she asks for your sadness, then you’ll know that even though you thought that you have given her too much, she gave you more, she gave you Happiness.

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Author. Oscar Basurto Carbonell will present One Hundred Writings on this topic for a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.
Writing 2
While in a deep reflection about something considered as primordial matter, based on Happiness, I decided to learn more through the Mystic Art of Meditation.
The Eyes of the Spirit were open and I found Happiness in her splendor and glory.
I approached her and learned of her processes, norms and laws -given and said in such a way so the mind can understand.
Happiness is very demanding, nothing can be in front, neither to the sides, above, nor below.
The reason is because there is no space for nothing else, since she can’t be reached while in doubt, fear, anger, sadness, or ignorance.
Happiness asks for what she gives, since she will fill everything, leaving no spaces nor distances.
That’s the reason of nothing above nor below, but this is not only as a fact of a great infinite expansion of being and living but also that there is no longer space different or special.
 It is like the water that fills all spaces.
In that case, the form would be eternity. The life and the foundation of all foundations is Love.
Then, while in deep meditation, I wondered if Happiness was God, but realized, it was not but also realized that Happiness is His natural result.
Then, I knew and understood that God establishes Happiness as the result of knowing Him.
There will be no suffering, ignorance,wisdom, differences nor distances.
There will be no unknown nor known spaces. 
It is no loss, no gain, but the stability of a balance where there is nothing to be balanced.
It is having solved the equation of the reason of living.
It is to live without questions, answers.
It is to transcend everything but without ceasing to be, rather is to be without limits.
This Meditation is also a model of what my intuitive mind in the Art of Meditative Silence, let me know about Happiness. 
Even though there is still difference and distance, the dissolution of such would be reached in the dissolution of every distance and difference, such as is found in the plenitude of a drop of water diluted in the Ocean of Divine Love, Who,  in fact is the Happiness.

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To have Faith, is to have a personal relationship with God. The topic is very ample; we can talk from the historical point of view, but what is most relevant here, without subtracting importance to the past, is its meaning in all its dimension, which is and will always be, the vision of God, for us, as individuals, family and society. The topic on Faith must not be simplistic. If I believe that God exists, that is good, but if I don’t do anything, then, is very bad.  Since knowing that Truth exists, is supposed to take me to search, know, interpret and learn about it, otherwise my knowledge would be too loose. I can pronounce and repeat the name of God, many times, but if I don’t feel Him in my heart, then, I am not true but I will be ignoring the principles of Faith, in a deliberate way. Which means, not only to love and to believe in theory, but practicing, to accomplish the effective conversion of faith. How to have more faith? The person who has faith, appreciates, respects, honors and manifests it; it is a gift, given by spiritual virtue and the one who has it, knows in a positive, absolute way, that God loves and knows him and that God is just and true. And with this knowledge, he treasures faith and practices in a very active way – by thought and action- the laws and commandments of God, based on the purity of Love. The key to growth is found here. Since man can only grow, by making progress in his beliefs, because faith is the active Love of God, the presence of His Word and it is a daily inspiration. By acceptance and knowledge, faith will grow in the Love expressed with solidarity to the human family as universal service. 


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