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How to love an impossible love? How to love the one who rejects, offends, ignores, despises us? The one who is like fire that you will not be able to approach because she will burn you for sure.

How to love a love who is like a lioness ready to attack? How to love a love who is like a dagger, decided to be buried in your heart? How to love a love who is like deadly snakes, like a path filled with scorpions?

Well, that love will be loved like the bottom of the sea, like the distant star in the darkness of infinity, knowing that it exists but that it can never be felt or touched. You must love, in spite of everything, but not with an idealistic love that would turn into melancholy, but with a realistic, conscious love; and the only way of loving will always be, ever and forever, to love each day more.



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The Author, Oscar Basurto Carbonell, will present One Hundred Writings on this topic, for the purpose of offering a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.
Writing  1
Happiness, elusive, as the reflection of light on the water surface.
You live as a waving mystery.  At times, you seem to come closer, but then, you leave so fast, before even noticing your presence.
-Tell me about you. I asked Happiness
-If you come too close, you will hurt my own nature, I can’t give my essence but if you leave, then, you could lose me forever.
-What to do not to hurt you but to know you. I asked again.
-My nature is in truth your own nature, you will get to know me if you practice in depth and with total sincerity, the Freedom in every sense and this does not mean that you can’t touch me, come to feel me, and enjoy  each other but you must always remember that I am not an object of possession.
Serenity is the path that brings us closer.
Many think that I’m only an emotion and that I can be tied to the goal achieved but this is only a shadow of my presence because what I’m is the glory of life.
You could better get to know me if you knew that I live of the plenitude of Love, who will never be selfish or even material because all this will pass.
Since I’m not an illusion, why don’t you think of me as a passing wind, rather like a constant one.
But if you even think that I’m the absence of sadness or conflicts, that is not real.
Happiness is also the knowledge not based in something that you can buy neither is known by other means but by the living experience.
I also would like to say with total clarity that there is no space for pride, vanity, self sufficiency.
Happiness is also Plenitude sustained in values. I have the capacity of conciliation. I also have strength, fragility. I deserve attention.
I even say something more: To be Happy is something natural, true and deeply material and also Spiritual.
There is much more, that I will keep saying in these dialogues.
 And in this way, I started getting to know about Happiness and I knew that I had to listen in silence, to know more and discover, understand and live the Happiness.

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To forgive is larger than to forget. Since, it is forgiven not because the wound is not open anymore but because I can see beyond my pain to the point of believing that the one who hurt, who damaged me, may be able to change and become a better person. And not to suffer the same wound and not to go through the same desolation again since forgiveness is the most genuine manifestation of the divine presence in the human heart.
Forgiveness does not mean that we are going to pretend that things did not happen, but to be conscious of having being hurt and mistreated but definitely not believing in the mistreatment.
The genuine forgiveness is always born of God’s love which strengthens man, and turns him into love itself, not because man is masochistic, neither for the size of the physical, moral, psychological, superficial or permanent wound but because forgiveness is the will of God, who calls to conciliation and to peace to that one who has committed the damage, that one who is the actor and conductor of evil.
This is the explanation of forgiveness: You hurt me but I call you to Love, so that you can be different, so that you can realize that there is no reason for violence.
And you, who hurt me, you are free from the primordial evil since forgiveness is the vocation to an even larger forgiveness, which is that God becomes present in the heart of each one and of all.
That is the reason that to forgive is truly superior, it is to be reborn, to transform and to raise above any conflict.
Victim and executioner, then, stop being bully and abused and all darkness will pass because to forgive always is a reason to trust in Love.
Art and Teachings to nourish your soul, based on the works of mystic author and artist, Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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True Friendship

People were searching for the most positive and collaborating person, in the town of this story; they wanted to find the model of good friend, meaning, not only who gives support in happiness and sadness but who promotes and wants the best. And with this purpose in mind, they placed big signs, and distributed pamphlets, saying: ” Reward, we are searching for the True Friend “
The day of the event was set and -as expected, many persons came along with rivers of people bringing music bands, food, abundant gifts. Others, also came, making all kind of promises, some, even a little drunk, while others were talking about their own experiences. There was a great diversity, that seemed like a fair of give away and gifts. Three days passed and finally the turn came for a man, who was empty handed and  wearing simple clothes,
– Where did you leave the gifts, the wine and other enjoyments? How do you dare to show yourself in  front of us without anything to offer?  he was asked, while they look at him contemptuously, as if he was fool or mad and he was requested to make the promise of bringing something and to offer his excuses.
-I knew about this competition but I did not mean to be part of it, since I only want to share part of this happiness, which would be enough for me, just to be able to see  the joy in you, would fill me in a moment, and would make my day. But I understand that you were expecting other things that I can’t give now, since I am a humble man of the fields, who watches you pass every day, and who is able to see your lives, somewhat, while wishing you all the best. My work is hard and my hands bleed at times, while working in the fields, but I can only think of offering the best to you. I did not bring anything. Your happiness makes me happy but I am leaving now, I do not want to bother you.
These words, somewhat, went into the hearts of all the persons who were there, who clearly understood, that they did not know the true meaning of Friendship. While that humble man did, since the true and real Friendship can’t be bought or sold, can’t be exalted, prostituted or spoiled. Friendship is like the flower of the fields: natural, spontaneous, sincere, true and humble.
And that day in that town, the true meaning of Friendship was discovered. 
-Art and Teachings to Nourish Your Soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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The sun gloriously went out in the morning and when She looked out the window, said:
-How repugnant is the light! While the Other One was grateful to life.
The morning went on with the singing of the birds and when She heard them, said:
-Noisy and fastidious animals.
While the Other one, enjoyed in silence, listening how the birds of the sky, were expressing their joy, and their singing was telling her, that the sky and the rain brought happiness and she said: This is also a song that not only brings happiness to the hearts but also nourishes the earth. How beautiful is the rain!
The afternoon went on and the night arrived and the stars with her.
-Small pieces of light, insignificant little stars, you would better be darkness, said She
-Welcome, my friends, my dreams, my emotions, you are so pretty and beautiful and above all things, you are always there, so we can contemplate you, said the Other One.
It happened that Death and Life had to choose that day, whom, they will take and we can understand what happened. Life wanted to claim and rescue both, but Death said:
-Life, let’s not have a discussion, my dear sister, because another mornings will come, let’s both take what’s ours. And so they did. And the next morning, there was only one voice of life heard:
-How beautiful is the light of the morning!
-Art and Teachings to nourish your soul, based on the works of Oscar Basurto Carbonell
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This person was traveling life’s journey with only the necessary to live, but he found in his path -by works of destiny, with another person, who asked very little from him but even though it was very little, when one does not have, then, even a “little” seems a lot.
-This person is asking for what I have, which is almost nothing. But I am going to share, since life is not only to be lived for myself but “to live is to coexist with the universe.” Since this person who asks is also myself. I don’t have much, just a little more than nothing but anyway, I will share my bread, he thought.
He, then, divided his belongings in two portions and told the other person:
-Let’s share what I have, take what you need.
-I don’t have anything but a great need. Your help is rather my wealth, you have freed me from poverty, you have become poorer in order to help my condition, replied the other person.
-No, you have not made me poorer, since you taught me that the little that I had, was a lot. You, then, made me rich, because you who said was poor, have given me spiritual nourishment since you helped me to share. Though, many things will come my way: riches, appreciation, understanding, respect, friendship and gratitude. When I look at you, I see myself and I renew my values, my efforts and my dedication, said the traveler.
And the man asking answered:
-I see great nobility, and a firm decision to do good in you. I see a man of faith, of principles and compassion and because you have a selfless heart, I will reveal you a secret. I am not the beggar that you thought, I am not the humiliated man who has nothing, I am not the man suffering, the abandoned man. I am an angel who came from heaven to see your heart and I found with great happiness and joy that you are the richest man of the world since you have been capable of Giving and Sharing. That is the reason, that I reveal myself to you, so you know that you have the right path. You have more wealth that a mountain of gold, you have a pure, noble and gentile heart; the perfection and grace of the fraternal love is reflected in you. You know the supreme value of wealth, of needs and the true reality of Love.
After saying this words, the angel embraced him.
And the one who shared, not only duplicated what he had, but he had in abundance and his wealth could only be compared to the sky and the stars, since he knew from that instant on, that God is present in the gift of Giving and Service.

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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Forgiveness is one of the deepest and most intense spiritual manifestations. And from the spiritual perspective, it has to be completely honest, integral and absolute. It requires of a great effort and after this, follows the experience of conciliation and then balance and harmony.

Why is so difficult to forgive ? Because wounds, bruises, traumas have formed and often with innumerable crisis, which may be hidden or waiting to be resolved, but definitively with a big load of frustration, bitterness and resentment. And this is like an extremely corrosive poison that hurts and affects our whole life.

The person who has not forgiven or the one who feels that cannot forgive is severely afflicted, poisoned and full of sadness, loneliness and even of desire of revenge.
This is really mortal since the person who does not forgive, then, makes the conflict to grow, to magnify and in turn the person feels tortured.

Forgiveness is directly related to many circumstances which are very painful. The pain, the rage, the frustration have to be overcome, otherwise life will become a perpetual conflict. And we do not want to experience this. We do not want to be filled with more bitterness and hatred, we have to be free of all this.

For forgiveness to really happen, we must look not only for psychological help but also the center of the forgiveness has to come from God Himself. If God does not allow us to forgive, we may say it, or promise it or look for it but it will not last.

Forgiveness is liberating, renovating, regenerating and in addition it changes us from the victim’s position, to self confidence, appreciation and spirit of good.

How can we reconcile the issue that when we forgive, we forgive what we repudiate ?

Forgiveness is not the apology of evil, nor the justification of mistreatment and offense. It is the evocation, the clamor of the victim to God saying : Oh Lord take from me any poison that is in my heart, since this is like the smoke that hurts and blinds my vision.

Life must not coexist with infinite hate, on the contrary, it must return to Peace. And when there has been affliction, physical and moral harm, then forgiveness is a miracle, which means the direct intervention of the Presence of God.

We all make mistakes and the human being goes wrong in many ways but when there is misuse of power, abandonment, misery, then this does not go away in a moment and traces stay. Forgiveness has the wonderful aptitude to heal these deep wounds.

To forgive is really self transformation, it is like emerging of darkness, of death. Nothing can be compared to Forgiveness. It is the conciliation of heaven and earth, the annulment of evil, of sin, of pain, of conflict and even of death. The person who forgives, discovers in his heart that God exists since forgiveness is the understanding that allows to receive the grace, which means, the Presence of God in the whole plenitude of the inner life.

Then, nothing can confuse or upset us, because there is a revelation of life, there is understanding; and we forgive because we have been forgiven. It is not possible otherwise, only the one who receives forgiveness, then, receives the power of inner Peace and in this Peace, in this wonderful conciliation, God opens the heart and makes possible that we look beyond everything and beyond ourselves. And in this way, Forgiveness arises and shares the presence, the teaching, the revelation of life, where the glory of glories is born. Because Forgiveness specially is the way of grace and this is the grace of Peace.



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