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Author. Oscar Basurto Carbonell will present One Hundred Writings on this topic for a better understanding of the meaning of Happiness.
Writing 2
While in a deep reflection about something considered as primordial matter, based on Happiness, I decided to learn more through the Mystic Art of Meditation.
The Eyes of the Spirit were open and I found Happiness in her splendor and glory.
I approached her and learned of her processes, norms and laws -given and said in such a way so the mind can understand.
Happiness is very demanding, nothing can be in front, neither to the sides, above, nor below.
The reason is because there is no space for nothing else, since she can’t be reached while in doubt, fear, anger, sadness, or ignorance.
Happiness asks for what she gives, since she will fill everything, leaving no spaces nor distances.
That’s the reason of nothing above nor below, but this is not only as a fact of a great infinite expansion of being and living but also that there is no longer space different or special.
 It is like the water that fills all spaces.
In that case, the form would be eternity. The life and the foundation of all foundations is Love.
Then, while in deep meditation, I wondered if Happiness was God, but realized, it was not but also realized that Happiness is His natural result.
Then, I knew and understood that God establishes Happiness as the result of knowing Him.
There will be no suffering, ignorance,wisdom, differences nor distances.
There will be no unknown nor known spaces. 
It is no loss, no gain, but the stability of a balance where there is nothing to be balanced.
It is having solved the equation of the reason of living.
It is to live without questions, answers.
It is to transcend everything but without ceasing to be, rather is to be without limits.
This Meditation is also a model of what my intuitive mind in the Art of Meditative Silence, let me know about Happiness. 
Even though there is still difference and distance, the dissolution of such would be reached in the dissolution of every distance and difference, such as is found in the plenitude of a drop of water diluted in the Ocean of Divine Love, Who,  in fact is the Happiness.

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Meditation is always a source for renewal, vitality and peace. Why is this possible?

Well, it is possible because man, in truth, is not only a form, a thought or a thinker. He is much more.
If we could see the universe as a whole and we could reach the understanding of its absolute unity, we would perfectly know that this is man: The universe is the man.
So that the energy of life, the energy of peace, of health and all that in which the universe is lavish, is also in man an unquestionable reality.

The understanding of all this wisdom arises when we are able to meditate, and this is to say, when we have broken with the barriers and the frontiers of an absurd and arrogant selfishness, because when we are able to live, in fact, nothing prevents us to flow in this limitless unit.

For this reason: Meditation, man and the universe, are intrinsically one.

Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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To develop mastery in meditation is necessary to be free of every search and pre-established idea. Nevertheless, one should always do the best effort because to meditate is to learn to flow through the inner vision and this is as contemplating the horizon, which is always an integral look more than the concentration on an idea. Therefore, meditation is to deepen in the continuous effort that is compared with a river that flows.
The idea is to expand the calm, the stillness and with this peace, wisdom and love will come.
Author: Oscar Basurto Carbonell

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From a long meditation process the man came out. Many springs had already passed, in fact, so many, that he had forgotten the scent and the aroma of the flowers. He was a person that had been searching for the meaning of life, that had abandoned all tastes and pleasures, since he felt that he had to give priority to more fundamental aspects, at least, he thought that way. After ending the meditation, he was thinking that it was necessary to increase the meditation, that maybe he had lost too much time and that he would have to make a better effort. Therefore, he went in search of an old teacher, that is to say, perhaps a little older that himself. After a pilgrimage, he found the longed for master and he told him about his efforts, sacrifices and austerities and the teacher said to him: “Ah, that is the reason that you have not been seen anymore,
that you have also lost the smile and the youth. You have been, he said clearly, looking for in the wrong places, you have locked up your spirit and you have not allowed it to travel neither by the world nor by your life. Nobody has been able to know you and nobody knows you, you did not care for an animal, you did not water a plant, you did not kiss the forehead of a child, you did not have dreams with the loved person. you did not watch over the nights to see the light of a new day, you did not know how the birds fly and nest and besides all that and much more, you were thinking that you were looking for truth? Does the flower try to wither or do you think that the children should be born pale, ill, without energy, and from youth one should run away, frightened? Why have you denied life, why have you thought that by hurting you, you punished some demon and you did not realize that everything you did was to bleed slowly? Please, now that you have left your own captivity, do not carry to extremes your confusion.
Be as the light of the sun that does not hide or like the brilliant green of the leaves reflecting life’s energy. Do not accuse yourself, please, neither reject the favor of your senses, learn and understand that your heart has been born to love and be loved, cultivate the friendship and put faith in the work of your hands, do not cut your walking by life, do not die without having lived, enjoy with sincerity the joy of the present. If there is something mistaken in man is the fact that he refuses to live. Why do you look beyond yourself? What you must do is to accept and to know yourself. The Love that has created and maintains all life, has not made it a crime or punishment.
Do not reject the existence and make now of your meditation not a cold tomb, but a purpose to reach dignity, happiness by sharing day by day, the joy that is the natural sense of the soul.”
And that man, who had meditated without true understanding, then, he just had a glimpse of the most perfect and absolute reality: The Present.

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Contemplating the Light

Some time ago, I heard something as a voice, but I could not understand its meaning, only to realize while in the deepest silence, that the voice would become music and the music, would recite as if it was a poem.

It was strange, different, nevertheless, it also had calm and depth. Once, in the middle of the silence, the voice became light and light became a sea of stars, and from those stars and from that light, pure feelings of love, would spring. And that light would fill everything and I could contemplate everything as if was without beginning or end.

This word reveals, this word is light, there is power, authority, peace, love, in her. This presence, in turn, has grace, candor and also intelligence which overcomes wisdom itself. Because is unconditional Peace.

That word, that light, that silence are called meditation, which is an essential step, to ascend the path, and for man to be able to look at his destiny, beyond this and other worlds.

Because, everything can be ephemeral except Love if it is true. And the understanding of this, brings Love and plenitude. I don’t have any doubts that man and the universe are only one, even though it may seem that there is distance and separation. There is nothing in the true reason, but lasting perfection and the purest and eternal Love.

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